A Partner-Friendly Guide to Heartfelt Photos

Embracing Intimacy

As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing those intimate interactions between couples. However, not everyone is comfortable with baring their emotions in front of the camera. If you're concerned that your fiancé, boyfriend, or husband might not share the same level of enthusiasm for photos, rest assured that there are ways to make the process enjoyable and natural. In this blog post, we'll explore actionable tips to help create authentic photos without the worry of awkwardness.

Set the Mood + Make it a date

Choose a setting that resonates with your relationship – whether it's a place that holds sentimental value or a spot that reflects your shared interests. The right environment can help both of you feel at ease and ready to embrace the photo session. Plan some activities or moments that you both enjoy before or after the session. This can help your partner look forward to the day as a whole rather than solely focusing on the photography aspect.

Focus on genuine moments + keep it playful

Crack some jokes! Laughter and playfulness can help dispel any awkwardness and create genuine moments that you'll both treasure. Remind your partner that these photos are all about capturing authentic interactions. Instead of aiming for picture-perfect poses, encourage them to simply engage with you naturally. Remind them that the best photos often come from those genuine, candid moments that showcase your unique connection.


A skilled photographer can work wonders when it comes to capturing intimacy without making anyone feel awkward. Choose a photographer with experience in creating comfortable and genuine settings. Their expertise can guide both of you through the process, making it easier for your partner to relax and enjoy the experience.