A Little Glimpse into My World

Hey there, I'm Katie and I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you to my world of capturing cherished moments. With camera in hand, I'm here to bring your stories to life. Freezing those magical moments that make life extraordinary is my favorite thing to do.

I believe that life's most precious moments deserve to be cherished and celebrated, and that's where I come in – capturing the magic of family bonds, the enchantment of weddings, the pure joy of engagements, the radiant beauty of maternity, and the triumphant spirit of graduation – I've got it all covered.

Why I love what I do

THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! I'm genuinely excited to have you! here To kick things off, I want to share a bit about me and why I'm so passionate about my work. Holding a camera in my hands instantly makes me feel like I'm where I belong, and I'm truly grateful every day to have transformed my passion into my profession.

At my core, I'm a multi-passionate individual, with fresh ideas popping up daily. The toughest part of what I do is choosing which exciting endeavor to chase next! However, one thing that has remained constant is my profound love for photography. This love story began in my early years and has only grown stronger over time. I received my first digital camera back in fifth grade, and I've been capturing moments ever since.

Photography is more than just clicking a button; it's a way of freezing moments and bottling up emotions to revisit whenever your heart desires. What fuels my passion is the genuine connection I share with each of my clients. I'm not just a photographer; I'm a friend, a confidant, and a keeper of memories. From the time I first picked up a camera, I knew I had found my true calling. There's something truly magical about freezing a split-second of genuine emotion – a laugh, a tear, a stolen glance – and turning it into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Why choose me as your photographer?

My philosophy is straightforward: I aim to establish a comfortable environment where you can genuinely embrace your true self. No rigid poses or uncomfortable moments – just time spent with your loved ones. If you're drawn to cozy vibes, vibrant colors, and the idea of preserving your genuine essence, then it's safe to say we're a match made in photography heaven.

Fun + Creative Focused

Wave adiós to rigid poses and say hello to an enjoyable photoshoot that's akin to spending time with a friend – a friend equipped with a camera, that is. Bored with cookie-cutter shots? I bring inventive techniques to ensure your photos shine amidst the sea of ordinary.

Personal connection

Let's chat, let's laugh, let's connect! My photography is an extension of my heart, capturing the emotions and unique connections that make your moments unforgettable.

Authentic, Joy-Filled Sessions

Photography is an adventure, and I'm all about capturing the smiles, spontaneous laughter, and the candid moments. Let's ditch the awkward and embrace the authentic. Capturing your real personality, quirks that scream "YOU!" is what's most important.

Candid Treasures

I know that the best moments aren't scripted – they're candid. So, get ready for a click-happy photographer who'll capture spontaneity that'll tell a story better than words ever could.

Life in full color

my Style

Why settle for dull and drab when life is bursting with color? I'm committed to keeping my images true-to-life, with warm and vibrant hues, and flattering angles.

Some facts about me

Born to Create

15+ years behind the camera

While photography has forever remained a source of creative expression and a personal pastime, it wasn't until 2020 – a year that pushed us all beyond our comfort zones – that I summoned the courage to purse it as a full-time career.

College graduate

SDSU Class of 2020 + 2021

Back in May 2020, I proudly earned my Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Photography. Following that accomplishment, in August 2021, I successfully completed my Professional Certification in Digital Marketing from San Diego State's Global Campus.