Hey there, fabulous clients!

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 5th. As we gear up to turn our clocks back an hour, I'm thrilled to share how this seasonal switch-up is about to kick your upcoming photography sessions up a notch!

Embracing the Golden Hour - Family Edition:

Can we talk about the golden hour for a second? With Daylight Savings Time bidding adieu, this magical period of warm, soft lighting (the one that usually happens just before sunset) shows up a bit earlier in the day. And here's the exciting part—those golden-hour sessions you may have skipped in the summer because of bedtime? They're now much earlier! Fall and Winter give us the chance to capture your moments in that dreamy light, all while ensuring your little ones can still make it home for dinner, bath, and bedtime.

Extended Blue Hour Adventures

You've heard of golden hour, but what is the blue hour? Blue hour follows golden hour, just after the sunset, with its tranquil, cool blue tones. With the time change, we've got more of this enchanting light to play with. Let's explore creative possibilities during the blue hour, adding depth and mood to your images.

Morning Serenity - Early Bird Special:

For those who appreciate the tranquility of misty mornings and dew-kissed landscapes, the end of Daylight Savings Time is a gift. We can plan early morning sessions to capture the ethereal beauty of dawn and the serene ambiance of the early hours.

If you have any questions, wild ideas, or concerns about your upcoming session, don't hold back! Reach out, and let's brainstorm. Together, we'll craft astonishing, unforgettable images that truly celebrate the enchantment of autumn.

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